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E Viva Catherine!
November 1996

Catherine Deneuve joined Mexican diva Maria Felix at Mexico's First French Film Festival that opened with Deneuve's "Les Voleurs" Wednesday night.
Though fans waited more than an hour for the show to begin, their impatience quickly faded when the French (with a lot of flowers) and Mexican movie stars arrived on the scene.
"Our presence here in Mexico is to introduce the best of French film to you and to your culture," said Deneuve in a short greeting she read before the screening of her film.
Maria Felix and the star of "Tristana," "Belle de Jour," and "The Convent" also attended a dinner party at the house of French Ambassador Bruno Delaye, who said the festival marks an end to a longtime absence of French film from Mexicans screens.
The festival was organized by the Unifrance Film International distributor and the Mexican Film Institute.


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