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Reuter's Wire Dec.26th 1996
Deneuve Enjoys European Work

Catherine Deneuve, who lives in Paris, says she is happy she works mostly in Europe. ``In the (United) States there's an obsession with age and youth, it's quite scary.'' Deneuve's latest film, ``Thieves,'' shares that assessment. Deneuve plays a professor who discovers, after being married and having children, that she is in love with a young woman (Laurence Cote). Deneuve shares a scene in a bathtub with Cote. ``You feel the relationship, not from kissing and making love (but) because it's what it says about their characters, what they bring to each other, which is quite soft and tender,'' she said.

Reuter's Wire Dec.23rd 1996
Deneuve's Love Interest

Catherine Deneuve says part of the allure of her role in ''Les Voleurs (The Thieves)'' was the romance with another woman. She plays a philosophy professor who becomes involved with a young street thief. ``I was anxious to play a love story with a woman,'' Deneuve says. ``I didn't know that it would be like. Finally, it was like falling in love with a young man.''


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