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A sure bet overseas
June 1997

Although Les Voleurs is a dark sexual drama, the movie is one of the 10 most exportable of the year. It ranks 4th for Europe + Québec.
Receipts: 32.5 millions of Francs in France and 10.77 millions of Francs in Europe.
175 960 admissions in Europe (+ Quebec) represent 9% of the french movies audience in Europe.
In Quebec, Les Voleurs has attracted more than 21 565 admissions. Germany: 63 030, Belgium: 17 932, Spain: 45 292, Switzerland: 28 141.
For the United States, the movie is the 3rd most popular french movie of the '96 season with 207 221 admissions.
In France, the movie was in theaters in august. Still out in Paris, Les Voleurs has captured 924 764 persons (Top 40 of the year).


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