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Not so Hidden Agenda
June 1998

After some troubles with her corporate Deneuve SA, the star has announced a lot of projects, some really surprising.
Totally absent for this year's Cannes Film festival, she is planned for Venice with Place Vendôme. Helmer Nicole Garcia was no ready for Cannes, since she has committed as actress to play an Ingmar Bergman's play in France this spring.
Then Pola X should be out for Christmas in France. That means there are 2 chances for Deneuve to be nominated for her 9th time in 99.
Just before Cannes, she has signed to be the Stepmom of Vincent Lindon in the next Gabriel Aghion's comedy.
Gabriel Aghion is the director of Pédale douce which gave a Cesar to Fanny Ardant's resurrection. The cast of Stepmom is completed with Sandrine Kiberlain (Beaumarchais) as her daughter.
Initially, the Lindon's character was previous for french comic star Alain Chabat (very busy with teh US remake of Didier). The story is simple. Lindon has to marry Kiberlain. But he falls in love of her wife's mother. Since L'Africain (84), Stepmom is the first comedy for Deneuve.

1999 and beyond...
It is really rare for a "such" old actress to be so busy with so exciting projects.
This spring she starred in Philippe Garrel's Le vent de la nuit, along new generation actors Xavier Beauvois and Daniel Duval.
In September, she will be an ambassador in the next Indochine's Regis Wargnier movie. It is just a supporting role. The main character is played by Sandrine Bonnaire. Both actress have often wished to play together.
Next year Manuel de Oliveira (The Covent) and Raul Ruiz (Genealogies of a Crime) will cast her again.
The Raul Ruiz's project is produced by Paulo Branco. Gilles Taurand (screenplayer of Techine's Wild Reeds and Fontaine's Nettoyage à sec) has adapted Marcel Proust's Le Temps retrouvé. Darius Khondji (Seven, Saving private Ryan) will make the photgraphy of the film.


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