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Overbooked and delayed
November 1998

Pola X, the very anticipated movie from helmer Leos Carax, won't be in theaters in december, as previously announced. In fact the Cannes Film festival organization confirmed that Pola X will be selected for the 1999 competition. That delayed the movie released to may 99.
Usually, Cannes give the list of selected movies in april during a huge press conference. It means that Deneuve will be, once time again, in Cannes, and in competition for the Best Actress award. Strangely, Deneuve was awarded everywhere (with an Oscar nomination in Hollywood, a Golden bear in Berlin, a Silver Lion in Venice, and 2 Cesars) except at the Cannes Film festival, which was his first step to stardom (in 64 with The Umbrellas of Cherbourg). maybe an opportunity for a special Golden Palm.
This move of Pola X has changed everything. The problem is How to market 5 movies with Deneuve in less than 6 months?
The Wind of the night should be released in march. Finally it will be in february, during Cesar's time.
Stepmom, the first comedy in 14 years for Deneuve, is still previous for april. But a move to the fall season could be wise.
East-West, the new Regis Wargnier's epic movie, is a favorite for the Cannes film festival's openning, competiting with Binoche's Children of the Century.
The Ruiz mega-production based on a Marcel Proust novel is previous for Cannes too.
3 Deneuve's movies in Cannes??? Don't ask her where she will be in may...


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