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April 99

Deneuve will be frequent on TV (and radio) next month.
On Canal +, the cinema channel in France, she has recorded an interview for TV+ where Deneuve talks about the Cannes Festival and her (remember: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg was a Golden Palm in 64).
On the same channel, she will host a Special Golden Palm Night just before the first french TV presentation of The Taste of the Cherry, the iranian winner of 97 (Deneuve gave the Award that year).
France Culture - a public radio channel - will broadcast Le Bon Plaisir (May 15th at 3.00 PM). Laure Adler, the producer, give two hours to make an interview of the Star by the very "new wave director" Olivier Assayas. Assayas asks to Deneuve some questions, without cut, about her career, her work, and her directors.
So now the question is: what is the media plan for East-West in August?


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