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Money Money
July 99

Binoche is just ahead of her thanks to her Oscar. The actors are very well ranked: Depardieu, Clavier, Auteuil, and Reno are rounding the Top 5 of the best french paid actors. Deneuve is 7th.
In brief, her salary :

  • Stepmom - 4 millions of francs
  • Place Vendome - 3.15 millions of francs
  • The wind of the night (supporting role) - 2.5 millions of francs
  • Time Regained (supporting role) - 2 millions of francs
  • Pola X, East/West (supporting role) - 1.8 millions of francs

    No ads this year. For Suez (87) she's got 4 millions of francs; for an italian water she received 2 millions of francs; for Yves Saint-Laurent's skins products, her 4 years contract was better: 20 millions of francs.

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