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Deneuve comments 10 years of Cinema
March 1997

L'Ecume des jours (a Boris Vian's book title meaning The Scum of the Days)

The french magazine Studio is celebrating its 10th birthday...They guest their favorite star (4 times on their cover) to comment a decade of Movies.

    1987: Platoon (Oliver Stone) - "It is a movie that crushed me. May be because I realized what the war was in just one shot...."
    1988: The Last Temptation of the Christ (Martin Scorcese) - "I was shocked a movie could be unschedule for these reasons (i.e. Religious extremism). It was like a censorship that I found inadmissible. I thought that we had to do something about this, an official answer from the French Movie Industry. I was too shy. Today I won't hesitate."
    1989: The Dangerous Liaisons (Stefen Frears) - "Terrific! An original style. Relevant, sly. A very interesting treatment of the Laclos' text. A movie has not to be a pure adaptation of the book! Actors were great, and the Philippe Rousselot's light impressing. A true moment of Cinema."
    1990: Cyrano (Jean-Paul Rappeneau) - "Oh la la! What I have cried when I watched the movie! Jean-Paul is someone I like very much. Cyrano quaked me. And Gerard is wonderful. He is a very moden actor who is able to tell us verses."
    1991: An angel at my table (Jane Campion) - "What a beautiful Movie! So singular, so strong....I like very much the Jane Campion's works. She is a great filmmaker. I met her at Cannes with The Piano (i.e. and My Favorite Season for Deneuve) which is a pure masterpiece. More, she is a very sympathic woman, very warm, with a strong personnality."
    1992: Un coeur en hiver (Claude Sautet) - "It is an interesting movie but I prefer Quelques jours avec moi (i.e. Some days with me with Auteuil and Sandrine Bonnaire) which is the firstwork of the Claude Sautet-Jacques Fleschi's team. It is amazing how this scriptwriter gave him a new vitality."
    1993: Blue (Kryzstof Kieslowski) - "Juliette Binoche is an actress very interesting for me. I like her sides, classic and modern. Often I thought when I watch a movie, and not only a french one, "ah! if it was played by Juliette Binoche or Sandrine Bonnaire.."."
    1994: Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarentino) - "(she was Cannes Jury's Co-President) Yes I assume our choice (i.e. Pulp fiction as Golden Palm). Unanimously we have decided it. It is a modern, daring and blowing movie. This is a real jubilant movie."
    1995: French Twist (Josiane Balasko) - "I've seen it when I was playing in Thieves. I've laughed a lot...Really well achieved."
    1996: She like new stars as Virgine Ledoyen (Judgement in stone), Sandrine Kiberlain (To have or not), and Geraldine Pailhas. Among men, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, and Leonardo DiCaprio.


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