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Deneuve's Fragrance

She has inspired fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent ans she was the model for Chanel n°5 in the US.
Chanel has sold more N°5 during between '69 and '77 than before Deneuve's ads (i.e. 20 years)!
It was logical that Deneuve launched her own perfume. In the eighties, a black and white picture, where the star showed a red clown nose, became the advertising for DENEUVE. The fragrance is elegant and mysterious, and made by Avon's professionals.
The botle was horizontal and rectagular with a cork bottle in form of a Butterfly Knot; the liquid is like amber.
Denueuve has chosen everything : the smell, the bottle, the packaging, and the ad.
But the perfume suffers a bad distribution network in the USA. The lack of advertising kills the product in Europe. The movie star told to Elle Magazine in 94 : "I've liked working for this Fragrance. But today I don't feel it. Actors and perfume is an impossible match."
Now, the perfume is no more sold anywhere around the world : it is a collector you can find in some exotic duty free shops!


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