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July 99

East/West is the new Regis Wargnier's epic film, 8 years after Indochine. Deneuve and him had have a project few years ago: she should be a french ambassador in charge to take away a rare horse in Central Asia. Too complex, too expansive, the movie wasn't possible to do.
Wargnier change his mind and wrote East/West, starring Sandrine Bonnaire (Sous le soleil de Satan, Rivette's Joan of Arc) and Oleg Menchikov (The Barber of Siberia), and in a supporting part, Miss Deneuve (her 5th movie for 99)..
She is imperial as a stage bigger than life comedian, who loves to play Marie Tudor. Politically close to the communists, her carachter is a mix of Simone Signoret (idzas, freedom) and some other great actresses of this period.
She will give a sense to her life, helping Bonnaire's charachter to go out from Russia.
The movie is pretty entertainning.


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