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Cannes Dance
May 2000

36 years after Cherbourg's Umbrellas, Deneuve stars in a new muscial comedy, dancer in the Dark directed by hype and tragedian Lars Von Trier, the father of the Dogma '95.
Here, Deneuve plays a guardian angel, factory worker and best friend of Bjork. She's radiant, singing, ouarfing (like a dog) and dancing. Big fat mama but still light.
At the press conference, smoking cigarettes after cigarettes, she was very offensive. She applause to the genius of Bjork, she claims her love for Von Trier's work and methods. At the night ceremony, she climbed the stairs with the iceland's music genius. Bjork was protected by the french star.
Dancer in the dark is the most audacious and may be one of the most emotive movie of the year. In a supporting role Deneuve proves she could embrace an international carreer with famous directors.


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