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Golden triumph
May 2000

Demy and its sad umbrellas at Cherbourg. Golden Palm and Cannes was launching one of the most beautiful et successful movie career in the history, Deneuve's path.
36 years later, the danish dogma director Lars Von Trier, 3 months after the Digima's award, won the Golden Palm at Cannes.
It's rare than a musical (songs are composed by iceland's sensation Bjork) received a such honor. Cannes, and its panel presided by french director Luc Besson, rewards a movie filmed in digital video! welcome to the new millenium.
For Deneuve, it's the second movie in her career to be Golden-palmed. Björk - the main actress of the movie - was palmed too with a Best actress prize.
Deneuve was, oh irony!, the star choosen by the organization to give the Golden palm. The closing ceremony was touching with Von trier, Bjork and Deneuve on the same stage.


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