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Dancers in the Dark
January 2001

French film star Catherine Deneuve called on the US to abolish the death penalty. She helped deliver thousands of petitions (organized by some news and cultural magazines like Telerama) to the U.S. Embassy in Paris. The Paris-based Group Against the Death Penalty has invited Deneuve to join in delivering the petitions. Some 500,000 people in France and other European countries signed the petition. France has abolished the death penalty 20 years ago thanks to the Mitterrand's policy and helped by Mr. Robert Badinter.
Postal sacks filled with petitions were taken to the gates of the embassy, located between the Crillon Palace and the Champs-Elysees. Minutes later, Deneuve was escorted inside after an outside press conference (under the rain, and an umbrella...). The star of Von Trier's Golden Palm (where the innocent Björk is sentenced to death) said her opposition to the death penalty is "a deeply held conviction."


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