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Heaven can't wait
September 2001

The next movie with Deneuve will be romantic and international. Directed by 5 Cesar's winner Tonie Marshall (Venus Beauté), her fifth movie, this 8.6 millions of euros production is a romantic and mystic comedy about love and ghosts. And a movie with Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr and the Empire State Building : An affair to remember. Since a longtime, Marshall would like to make a film with Deneuve (the woman, the actress, the star). After 5 years of wrong screenplays, she gets the right idea while she's reading an interview of Deneuve claiming "she's deeply a woman in love..." This sentence was immediatly linked to the 1957 Leo McCarey's movie.
Au plus près du Paradis was writen by the director and Anne-Louise Trividic (the screenplayer of Chereau's Intimacy). Evidently, Marshal has imagined that the Deneuve's character will fly to New York City, at the top of the Empire State.
Just before the strike, it was difficult to convince an american actor to be part of the movie. All the major stars were overbusy. After july, it was not sure they could work. And all over the actor appears just the second half of the movie. William Hurt said yes, few years after Chantal Ackerman's Un divan à New York with Juliette Binoche. Along Deneuve, we can find also Hélène Fillières, Nathalie Richard, Gilbert Melki, Emmanuelle Devos and director Patrice Chéreau.
Ready for Cannes 2002?


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