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The Best Deneuve's Movies (1987-1997)
March 1997

The french magazine Studio is celebrating its 10th birthday...They select their 100 best movies since 1987:

    # 33: My Favorite Season (André Téchiné) with Daniel Auteuil. "A Movie which is intense, wild, and quiet. Téchiné re-invents Téchiné."
    # 53: A strange place to meet (François Dupeyron) with Gérard Depardieu. "A magnificient first feature about love. The accents of the truth tear us up thanks to sublime actors".
    # 80: Indochine (Regis Wargnier) with Vincent Perez. "Pleasure with the actors, with the images, with the words, the pleasure of the show and its feelings. An open door to the dream."
Pulp Fiction is first in the list. Deneuve was VP of the Cannes's Jury which gave to Tarantino the Golden Palm.


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