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Place Vendôme, Pola X
April 1997

Her two next movies will be really differents.
In Nicole Garcia's Place Vendome, she plays her first alcoholic character.
Deneuve is involving in a complex plot taking place in the Jewellery Industry.
Jean-Pierre Bacri, a very hot actor in France (2 hits in 5 months: Un Air de Famille and Didier) and Emmanuelle Seigner (Polanski's favorite) are in the cast of this psychological thriller.
The other project is Pola X, with Gérard Depardieu's son, Guillaume.
The helmer, Leos Carax, is the author of Mauvais Sang and Lovers of the Pont Neuf (both with Denis Lavant and Juliette Binoche).
His last movie was a nightmare for producers: delays, bankrupts, overbudgeted....
This one is relatively expansive (15 millions $) but really intriguing. The Carax's topics are always a mix of poetry, social reality and suspens.
Deneuve takes all the risks now...a free icon as Le Monde wrote.


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